Bob Berg’s Atlatl Workshops at Hotel Bad Eisenbach, 2012

Join Bob Berg this summer in Europe when he offers two Atlatl & Dart Workshops at The International Bogen-und Messermesse in Eisenbach, Germany. By the end of the workshop, you will have built your own atlatl, as well as three darts, and learned several primitive skills.

June 29th, 2012 (the day before the show)
July 2nd, 2012 (the day after)

The goal of the workshops are to have participants learn the interesting process of creating functional darts and also an atlatl. Bob’s approach to this subject is engaging and fun as well as useful for people who want to learn about atlatls.

You’ll develop several skills necessary to make and use atlatls:

  • Flintknapping
  • Heat straightening wood and bamboo dart shafts
  • Fletching
  • Cordage making
  • Usage of various natural glue

Bob’s teaching includes the development of good form using the atlatl which, with practice, will lead to accuracy.

Bob Berg has been conducting workshops of this kind for over 15 years and has had over 22 years of experience in the subject. Bob has used the atlatl to kill two dozen big game animals including wild boar and deer. He has developed and built atlatl launched harpoons with which he has harvested hundreds of fish. Bob is a full time atlatl maker and one of the modern leaders in the use of the atlatl. He has brought the atlatl to the world in many new dimensions inspiring a revival in the use of the atlatl.


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Workshop Cost: 50 Euros.
Includes instruction and all of the materials necessary to build an atlatl and 3 darts.

The workshops will take place on Friday, June 29th, and again on Monday, July 2nd at Bad Eisenbach in the Black Forest.

This workshop is in association and preceding the The Internationale Eisenbacher Bogen und Messsermesse at the internationally famous Hotel-Gasthof-Pension Bad Familie Wursthorn, Hauptstrasse 55, 79871 Eisenbach, Hochschwarzwald. Tel. (0 76 57) 471 Fax (0 76 57) 15 05 Fam.Wursthorn@bogensporthotel.d

Email us at to confirm your spot in the workshop. You may also sign up in person at the Bad Eisenbach show.

Findet die 14. Internationale Bogen- und Messermesse in Eisenbach im Hochschwarzwald statt.

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Bogenmesse in Eisenbach 2012

Zwei Workshops findet am

Freitag 29.06.2012 und Montag 02.07.2012 vor und nach der 14.
internationale Bogen- und Messermesse in Eisenbach im Hochschwarzwald
hinterem Hotel Bad Eisenbach statt.

Es kostet 50 Euro, und dafür bekommt man ausser Unterricht
drei Sperrollinge und ein Atlatlrolling und alle verschiedene Stücke
die zusammen zu bringen.

Als Ziel der Werkstatt, Teilnehmer werden den interessanten
Prozess der Herstellung von Spere und Atlatls lernen. Dieses Thema
macht Spaß sowie ist es engagierend und nützlich für Leute, die etwas
über Atlatls lernen möchten. Bob

unterrichtet diesen Wotrkshop mit der Betonung die besondere
Fähigkeiten, die notwendig sind, Atlatls zu machen und zu benutzen.

Bob unterrichtet Flintknapping, Holzbearbeitung (unter
Verwendung uhralten und moderne Werkzeuge), mit Hitze Holz und Bambus
Spere gerade zu richten, die Techniken der Befiederung, die hand
herstellung von Faden und Zwirn,

und der Gebrauch verschiedenen natürlichen Klebstoffe. Bob
unterichtet auf deutsch und english.

The Workshop costs 50 Euros and for that price you get all the parts
for an atlatl and 3 darts plus the instruction from the master atlatl
builder Bob Berg. Bob will revel to you the interesting process of
building an atlatl and teach you how to use it. Bob is a seasoned
teacher of primitive technologies. Here he will teach some
flintknappng, woodworking with stone and modern tools, how to
straighten and temper wooden and bamboo dart shafts, fletching
techniques and cordage making with natural fiber. He teaches in both
German and English as necessary depending on the students language.