Bob Berg

Bob Berg was born in Hilo Hawaii, grew up on a farm in Apalachin, New York after his family moved there from the Islands in 1959. Bob’s family raised beef cattle on the half square mile farm. They also produced hay and timber. Bob graduated from Alfred University in 1974. Bob speaks English and German.

Bob has been interested in all things primitive for the greater part of his adult life. He is skilled in many of the primitive arts and enjoys passing his knowledge on. Bob enjoys a few hobbies both in and outside the atlatl business, among them atlatl fishing, atlatl hunting, oil painting, and inventing mechanical devises designed to save the world. Bob’s many skills include: flintknapping, cordage making, fire by friction, wood working in both the modern way and using primitive tools, tracking and reading animal sign. Bob is a fairly good shot with an atlatl and has successfully hunted and killed a couple of dozen big game animals and lots of fish. Bob is skilled at butchering his own game and has been known to cook up a fairly decent meal with his successful harvests.

Thunderbird Atlatl

Thunderbird Atlatl is the world’s foremost atlatl manufacturer. Thunderbird Atlatl is owned and operated by Bob and can be found at on the worldwide web. Founded in 1990, Thunderbird atlatl developed from a hobby into a full-time business, and is now known worldwide as the premiere manufacturer of atlatls, darts, and accessories. The Thunderbird Atlatl shop is located in Candor, New York. Candor is a small village located just south of the Finger Lakes Region.